Food Truck Insurance

As a food truck owner, you are an expert in distributing street food! Your business allows people to conveniently and quickly grab a bite to eat on the go without the hassles often associated with other dining options.

Food truck owners, like other businesses, need the necessary insurance to protect their business and their assets. Essential coverage is needed to protect your mobile food business, including needed coverage you may not be aware of. For example, most organizers and venue owners require that you carry at least $1,000,000 in general liability coverage.

Give your business the coverage requirements needed to protect your mobile business, leaving the worry behind! That way, you can focus on profitability, growth and management of your business.

Freedom to Grow and Profit

Lamoreaux Insurance can consult with you regarding your much needed protection, giving your business mobility and freedom to profit and grow. That way, unexpected issues, setbacks and losses that may arise along the way will not drain your bank account, helping you minify loss.

Lamoreaux Insurance food truck insurance agents understand your unique needs. Whether you need general liability insurance, auto liability, auto physical damage, umbrella, off-site coverage, or liquor liability insurance, Lamoreaux Insurance provides all the coverage you need to protect your mobile food truck business.